Specializing in Blacks and Black & Silvers
with the occasional salt & pepper
thrown in the pot!
My name is Daphne Young, I have been in love with this breed since 1981. After college I bought my first without my parents in Sarasota, Florida from Pamela Carr Keller (PACK Miniature Schnauzers).  When I went looking for a puppy I was looking for a black, I did not know of any other colors other than salt & pepper and blacks.  Pam introduced me to the black & silver, and I have been in love ever since.  My first girl had a "Royal" pedigree from the Rampage, Repetition, Irrenhaus and Gough bloodlines.  All but about five dogs were American champions, some also had international titles.  In 1993 I bred Pack Grand Dutchess Katerina (Katie) to a black who was from similar bloodlines.  I kept one of her daughters, Stadtler Edge Of Night Katya.  In 1999 I bred Katya to Ch. Blythewood Jamaican Me Crazy (Jamie), it was then that I hit pay dirt!  From that litter came my first champion, Ch. Stadtler Jamie's Little Man (Rommel).  I could have had two, his sister Stadtler Baby's Black Brat; but with my mom ill it was not the right time to send her with Joan Huber to finish.

I've come full circle.  On July 5, 2007 Rommel's sister Freddie gave birth to Stadtler Grand Dutchess Katerina.  A black & silver beauty queen who was born 16 years to the day from her black & silver great grandmother Pack Grand Dutchess Katerina!  The dogs that I have been bringing into this world have all been beyond my initial expectations.  In 2005 I traded a black female from Freddie's litter that year for a black & silver female from a friend.  In 2007 I bought that girl back, and hit pay dirt again with a female who is homozygous black!

What is one of the most important things to me now is the genetics of this breed.  That is why I have brought in new bloodlines to mix with my bloodline.  Bloodlines from people who believe as I do that you can produce top quality dogs, but at the same time try to minimize or eliminate inherited issues.  People such as myself that believe that it is possible to produce the next great show dog.  There are people who mix questionable pedigrees just because that dog was the best ever and this dog is as well, and everyone has issues so it doesn't matter!  I know that it is difficult, and there are problems a lot of places, so I have to try the best I can to minimize the problems.  It does matter, these dogs are not only my babies, and they are going to be someone else's as well.  My hope is that they will be someone's joy for many years to come.

Since I started the Stadtler Schnauzers in 1993 I have added a few friends to my business who I know have the same values as I do.  We believe in raising puppies the same way, and offering the same guarantees.  We only sell Show and Pet quality puppies.  We breed according to the standards set for the breed by the American Miniature Schnauzer Club, the parent club for the breed within the American Kennel Club.  Even a pet quality puppy looks like it could be a show dog to the untrained eye.  We do not breed these designer colors like white, liver, blue merle or parti, nor do we breed toy sizes.  The only recognized colors are Black, Black & Silver and Salt & Pepper,.  Any other color has another breed mixed in to make that color!  These are not allowed according to the standard which is taken from the original German standard for the breed.  Full grown adult males weigh between 18 - 20 pounds and females between 16 - 18 pounds, although some females will rival a male depending on height and bone mass.  All are to be between 12 - 14 inches from the ground to the whithers (shoulders) and 12 to 14 inches in length, they should be square or shorter backed.  Any smaller is not allowed.  

We do not release our puppies until they are  10 - 12 weeks of age to ensure that they are perfectly healthy and well socialized with both humans and other dogs.  Also, by the time you get one of our puppies, they have been wormed twice with Panacur, had 1 round of bordatella and have had two rounds of DHAPP (Vanguard Plus 5).  They have had their eyes examined for congenital and juvenile cataracts and CERF registrations issued, and have had their ears cropped by the best veterinarian for show cropping in the business.  However, we do allow for natural ears.  They are AKC registered.  We offer a one year guarantee against congenital defects and three years against genetic defects.  If during that time anything happens that can be verified by our vets, which ever partner sold the puppy will replace the puppy.  Between three and six years of age if anything happens we will offer a 25% discount on the next dog.

We want our kids to be happy and healthy their whole life.  We also want you to be happy with the baby that you got from us.  We want you choose a Stadtler Schnauzer for you new baby, and to keep coming back over many years to come.  For more information please call myself or one of my friends near you to see who may have a new baby or adult for you.

Contact Information

Daphne L. Young
Monroe, Virginia

We have been experiencing technical issues with our long-time home phone.  Currently looking for a new carrier.  Please leave your phone number on any emails and I will call you.

ALL puppy sales are done through Daphne Young and she will forward qualified parents to the litter owner.

Please leave your phone number with an email as I do NOT answer questions in email.  All I will do is to email you back and ask for your phone number.  I like to talk to people on the phone

**When emailing regarding a puppy please include a  phone number, we like to talk with our puppy people!  We DO NOT answer questions through email, so if you do not include a phone number we will just email back to ask you to email your phone number or call us.  Thank you for understanding

Janet Wallack
Monroe, Virginia

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Member Breeder of the American Miniature Schnauzer Club
Parent club within AKC

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"Bryn" - May 8, 2005 to December 11, 2020.  She was 15 years, 7 months and 3 days old when she went to heaven!  Miss you my darling girl!  See you again one day!

​Under no circumstances do we ship puppies.  All puppies must be seen by their prospective families prior to purchase.
"Girlie-Girl" & "Fiona"
Stadtler Miniature Schnauzers is proud to announce that as of the end of August 2023 we have completed all of our genetic testing with Labokiln in Germany.  We tested with Optigen for PRA B Wild Type and all tested clear.  The majority of dogs are clear from MAC; Myotonia Congenita; Type B1-PRA HIVEP3; Charcot-Marie-Tooth Neuropathy; Comma Defect; Persistan Mullerian Duct Syndrome.  We do have two males and one female who are carriers for PMDS but are clear from all other disorders.  Since these are recessive disorders they can be safely bred to non-carriers and not produce the disorder.